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Lucky Im sane after all Ive been through - Tex Avery Day [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tex Avery Day [Feb. 24th, 2014|12:46 pm]

Tex Avery Day

 photo IMG_2718_zps4b73ff25.jpg

I heard on  that they were having Tex Avery Day in Taylor Texas.

I love old cartoons so I wanted to be there. I wanted it be a "family" outing but the cousins schedules were as convoluted as ever.

A half hour away just a little past the Round Rock baseball field on old highway 79.

Even though I worked the night before I amazingly managed to get up in time.

I SO love old timey texas towns!  And Taylor sure is one of those!  They all kinda look the same after a while though. I knew once we'd hit the town everything would be off of main street.

 photo IMG_2781redbankbw_zps5cba0a37.jpg

 photo IMG_2779ALLEYBampW2_zps2aba2687.jpg

 photo IMG_2709_zpsa9d51c66.jpg

 photo IMG_2711_zpsb443b9a9.jpg

 photo IMG_2715_zpsc6c6acb3.jpg

 photo IMG_2717_zpsd73f3d51.jpg

We got a parking spot right on front of the theater. That cant be right can it?

 photo IMG_2719_zps29b157c9.jpg

I love small towns and I love old time "picture shows"  old movie theaters that only have one big screen and aren't nasty mall multiplexes! They have such history to them! On my way in they handed me a program…. it had something had written on the back.

What was this? A film fest or what?

 photo IMG_2725_zpsca46af06.jpg

I've lived in Austin too long so that I forgot what small town events are like.  The event opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

"A prayer?!?!?" Its Texas folks- get used to it!

The mayor an local political celebrities gave long boring speeches. Each one said almost exactly the same things as the last.

The parents who brought their kinds to what they THOUGHT was a cartoon show had to take the screaming rats out to the lobby.

They played a short documentary on texas Avery, which was really just a DVD extra from a Looney Tunes collection, " A conversation with Texas Avery"

One of the speechmakers was from the Texas Historical commission, who pointed out that having historical markers in your town increases tourism. Ah ha the ugly  hand of capitalism rears its tentacles! So THATS what this about!

After the awful speeches they  had someone in a professional seeming Bugs Bunny costume and someone in a home made looking Yosemite Sam costume carry in something hidden behind a drape.

They unveiled it and  it was a pretty cool picture of Tex Avery that a local Taylor artist did.

The MC said they were raffling off prizes and if you had a number on the back of your program you were one of the winners.

Wait! MINE has something written on the back! What did I win?

 photo IMG_2761_zps1627d62d.jpg

We walked down the block to the town park where they unveiled the Tex Avery historical marker.  Then we ate the carrot cake!
 photo IMG_2750_zpse0c54e0b.jpg

My prize turned out to be a large sweatshirt!  Hmm Im an extra large but can diet down to it!

 photo IMG_2754shirt_zps073fea96.jpg

The started playing cartoons. Am I the only one to realize that they WERENT Tex Avery cartoons? They were just general Warner Brothers cartoons?   I thought maybe they would have some kind of film professor or animation scholar curate some kind of specific pattern or history of Averys work, nope they just pressed play on the DVD. Yep they were digital projections not 35 mm film.
 photo IMG_2768YOSsam_zps26d21ef1.jpg

They announced that the documentary was starting upstairs. I'm pretty sure this second screening room was originally just the balcony of the main theater that they walled over, the old old 6th street Ritz was like that.

The documentary was the same one that was on YOUTUBE, but they played a longer version ( the youtube one cuts off towards the end.)

We left and asked the girl at the concessions stand for a good place to eat dinner. I told her I DIDNT want to eat at a chain place, was there some unique place only the locals knew about?

She suggested on down the street, literally under the tracks. It wasn't great but it had a neat beat up old town character.  Downtown Taylor is mostly a boarded up ghost town.

On our way back to Austin we stopped to take a picture at the "Hutto Hippo" and.. amazingly one of the Taylor council member who gave a speech was there. We asked him if it was a one time thing or if they'd do Tex Avery Day ever year. He said they hoped to do something else next year. He went on and on about his love of his town and he mentioned his dream of there being a Tex Avery park with statues of Avery characters!
 photo IMG_2803_zps3e38c06a.jpg